Apr 062012

Linhofs feel like 50 year-old guitars, smooth and resonant, with neck & body tone-matched after drying, and true early-50’s spec thin nitro lacquer work and light Relic® by J.W. Black. We currently have available Bursthead© 2-Tone Sunburst, Tuxedo Black with Matching Headstock, traditional 1951 see-through blonde, 3-Tone Sunburst, Daphne Blue and Shoreline Gold maplenecks . Price includes a Linhof Custom western-tooled Tolex hard case w/ electric gold lining (G&G’s best). A TRIPLE PICKUP version in any finish is also available by special order . Linhof uses selected premium lightweight woods, swamp ash for see-throughs, alder for custom colors – a Linhof averages A FULL POUND LIGHTER than any other guitar in this style. An ash guitar over 7.25 lbs, alder over 7.50 lbs. available only by special order * Reverse bridge pickup and left-handed bridge plate give great low string bite and more harmonics from the unwound strings, same setup Hendrix played with. * Honoring the original design (which seems to have worked OK), we use 3xdual-string brass saddles, for ultimate downforce, sustain and string stability, but COMPENSATED for intonation within one cent or better * Pickups were prototyped with Lindy Fralin’s generous input & brilliant designs; Lindy still winds the neck p/u’s and the special order HOT single coil bridge pickup. All pickups are hum-cancelling unless special order HOT bridge is used. Neck pickup wi

nding is unique to Linhof (Linhof-Fralin P-92) * Control wiring is also unique to Linhof and tone caps are original NOS Gibson .022 ceramics from 1964. * Bakelite single-ply blackguards & parchment are HAND-CUT to fit each guitar (on blondes & special order solid colors – ANY style guard is available by special order – at NO extra cost) * Tuners are the new, improved, hi-ratio Tone-Pro Klusons. * Necks turned on the original 60’s Fender-CBS lathes (from their ’80’s bankruptcy fire sale) * Belly contour and forearm fade to 1957 specs, the year with the most radical contours. * Pyramid heel cutaway for 21st fret accessibility * Nut 1.625″, 9 to 11.5 degree compound radius, tall med. frets * Final shaping and aged thin nitro-cellulose lacquer finish by J.W. Black. * Linhofs are 100% Made On Earth© ALMOST any non-metallic custom color is available, with matching headstock on the rosewood slab models (alder bodies on solid color guitars). Swamp ash bodied Linhofs are available in see-through blonde (’51, ’54 or ’57-style), two-tone sunburst (w/BURSTHEAD© on rosewoods-see pic). We’ve made custom-order Linhofs in Fiesta Red, Dakota Red, Sonic Blue, Tuxedo Black and see-through Cherry Red…have an idea! Try something new! Make an Enquiry Now

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