Welcome to Andreas Barth’s Guitar Experience


Andreas Barth's Guitar Experience

It’s my pleasure to offer you a selection of quality new and pre-owned guitars plus accessories sourced in South Africa and Overseas. These guitars are available locally for you to enjoy music as much as I do. Hi by the way, my name is Andreas Barth.

Since the 60’s I have been playing guitar and listening to some great sounds. I was inspired by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks and yes ….. Eric Clapton. Clapton was with the Bluesbreakers and Cream. To add to my list of great players would be Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and Hendrix. The neighbourhood I lived in was full of Clapton wannabes. I could only watch these guitar players, I was too young to join in. Then came the 70’s. I strived to purchase my first guitar. A no name brand cheap electric guitar. Plugging this awesome instrument into a radio in my parents garage, I made some good noise.

With this decade came acoustic players Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Cat Stevens, James Taylor and Joan Baez. The years passed and I played in bands, jamming with friends and now had 2 guitars. I had an Ibanez Concord Acoustic and a Hoyer Les Paul. Both these guitars were tested and built in the 70’s. I always dreamed of playing a Gibson Les Paul, the Fender Telecaster / Stratocaster or Martin Acoustics like my idols. More years passed, 20 actually and I steadily collected more guitars. Buying guitars and seeing live concerts of Clapton, Gary Moore, Led Zeppelin, The Stones, Al di Meola, Rory Gallagher kept me always inspired.

Today I’ve got those dreamed of guitars. A pleasant journey I can tell you. I play the guitars through a VOX AC 30, Fender Bassman or Peavey Bandit.

Now it is time to share my love of guitars and the music they make. I purchase and trade quality guitars on the internet for other players to enjoy. You can make an appointment with me for you to view and test out some of these incredible guitars.

It’s just a guitar experience …….Best regards