The most famous of the Fender Guitar which was first produced in 1954 in bigger quantities.  The Strat revolutionised the Rock’n Roll era with the 3 Pickup combination and different colour choice.


The worlds first solid body Electric Guitar produced in substantial quantities since 1949. Also known as the Broadcaster(1948-1950) but was re-named Telecaster in 1950. Still has the same Shape and specs today.





Gibson electric guitars represent the history as well as the future of the electric guitar. The models whose designs have become classics-the ES-175, ES-335, Flying V, Explorer, Firebird, SGs and Les Pauls-are a testament to Gibson’s wide appeal, spanning more than four decades of music styles. Gibson’s close relationship with musicians is manifest in endorsement models from King, Atkins and jazz greats Howard Roberts and Herb Ellis, plus new Les Pauls made to the personal specifications of rock stars Jimmy Page and Joe Perry.



G & L

Founded by George Fullerton and Leo Fender . High quality USA built instruments available in different models and colours.



Another Company with a big History producing high Quality Archtop and other Guitars.



Part of the Fender Group they produce high quality Acoustic and Electric Guitars. A cheaper alternative to the big names in the Musical Instrument Business.



Well known Manufacturer of high Quality Acoustic Guitars.



The Company with the big History. Mainly known for the 6 and 12 String semi-hollow Electric Guitars as used by the Beatles, Byrds, Beach Boys.


Martin Guitars


Linhof Guitars

Linhofs feel like 50 year-old guitars, smooth and   resonant, with neck & body tone-matched after drying, and true early-50′s   spec thin nitro lacquer work and light Relic® by J.W. Black. All Guitars are Masterbuilt with only the best components.

  • All pickups are hum-cancelling unless special order HOT bridge is used.
  • Neck pickup winding is unique to Linhof (Linhof-Fralin P-92) * Control wiring is   also unique to Linhof and tone caps are original NOS Gibson .022 ceramics from  1964.
  • Bakelite single-ply blackguards & parchment are HAND-CUT to fit each   guitar (on blondes & special order solid colors – ANY style guard is   available by special order – at NO extra cost)
  • Tuners are the new, improved,   hi-ratio Tone-Pro Klusons.
  • Necks turned on the original 60′s Fender-CBS lathes   (from their ’80′s bankruptcy fire sale)
  • Belly contour and forearm fade to 1957  specs, the year with the most radical contours.

Linhofs are 100% Made On Earth© ALMOST any non-metallic custom color is  available, with matching headstock on the rosewood slab models (alder bodies on   solid color guitars).


PRS (Paul Reed Smith Guitars)

Excellent Guitars as played by Carlos Santana. USA made models as well as Korean Manufactured Guitars are available.


Other Electrics


Other Acoustics