Jun 052012

In 1942, Gibson released the LG-2. These were solid built guitars with an X braced Sitka spruce top, mahogany back and sides, and a rosewood fingerboard. These are the guitars a generation of musicians cut their teeth on.
The guitars of this vintage can be hard to identify and date, but all of the evidence points to LG-2 from the early fifties. For instance, a pre-1946 LG-2 had a “Only a Gibson Is Good Enough” banner on the peghead. This does not. In 1955, Gibson added a larger pickguard and made it a 20 fret. This still has the small pickguard and 19 frets. The best bet for dating this guitar is in the serial number which is stamped on the top of the headstock. The right side reads 21G and the left side reads 4513. There isn’t much information on this number but Gibson did stamp the tops of guitars from late 1952 to early 1953. This guitar seems to fit well in that period.
This guitar is in relatively good condition. The is a professionally repaired crack under the pickguard. The pickguard is not original, but the original is included. There is some play wear on the top. The bridge has been replaced and looks good. The back and sides show some minor wear and a few dings.

The neck is in good condition and has thick C profile. The strings sit a comfortable distance from the fretboard, which has a width at the nut of 1 3/4″. The headstock has a ding and a few scratches. The tuners are 3 on a plate Kluson Deluxe.
Included is a non-original hard case.
This is a beautiful vintage Gibson that will be a great addition to any collection. Don’t miss your opportunity.


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